Escort Success: Look your Best during an Encounter

In the escort industry, the most common aspect of attracting more clients is probably better looks and appearance. It is said that a client is more than willing to splurge out cash just to spend time with a beautiful escort. Pretty, good looks are probably one of the reasons why you made it successful into the industry.

Here are some considerations an escort should have to remain longer in the escorting service:

Hair color: Would you go for blonde, redhead or brunette?

First and foremost, an escort does not have to wear a wig unless her head is fully shaved or she is asked to wear one. You should be able to use you own hair and utilize it at its best potential.

Generally, blonde girls get more attention from clients and prospective ones. Men usually have the perception that blondes are more fun to be with. The lighter hair color also catches the eyes of a client more easily, especially in photographs for that ultimate girlfriend experience. On the other hand, if you already have a blonde hair, then you can consider changing the tone of your skin in order to match your natural hair color.

If you are an escort who has a brunette hair and blondes are lesser in number, then she may consider having her hair color lighter. As an escort, you should be able to find the best hair colorist to work gradually on your hair. You do not have to bleach your hair or distraught with a color you have to spend loads to correct. Moreover, also consider your skin tone whenever you want to color your hair.

If you are a redhead, then you do not have to worry. You are definitely in demand in the escort industry and should consider improving the natural color of your hair.

Usually, you want your hair to look very natural and striking when you meet up with your client. Considering your skin tone is an important element in choosing and deciding what hair color you want. Do not be afraid to go a little bolder and ask the opinions from hair experts.

The type of jewelry you should wear

As an escort, you should be able to present yourself in front of a client in a subtle way as you can possibly do, especially when you meet him in a public place. Layered, garish or fake jewelry will give the client a lot more chances in selecting whether or not he likes your presentation or if you will fit into the social event he will take you out. Do not put much jewelry on your body, because these things might get in the way during an encounter. Also, these may be lost during an appointment. You can select a subtle yet tasteful type of jewelry. Moreover, you would not get too broken-hearted if your lose it.

What type of clothes should you wear?

The type of clothing or outfit sometimes can be very tricky and difficult, especially when you are a new escort. You do not want to be too noticeable as being a mistress or seductress, especially when you are seen socially with a client. You do not also want to look like you were getting out for groceries or just came from a big corporate office.

If you are meeting a client to a dinner, then you should have the idea on where the location will be and the kind of setting it has. You can dress accordingly with the kind of setting of your dinner. Of course, you want to be look as attractive as possible, but do not overdo it as there are chances that you may run into someone your client knows from work who would suspect that you are an escort.

Choose a color that will suit both your personality as well as your skin tone. Additionally, you should also feel very comfortable while wearing your outfit. It should also be able to blend in to different kinds of settings. But do not wear jeans and sneakers, because these are not at all attractive. You should also find clothes that will flatter your shape. In this way, you will look very simple yet leave enough to the client’s imagination.

The main elements in choosing your outfit are femininity and simplicity.

Would you wear a perfume?

Wearing a perfume will make you smell exotic and romantic, especially during an encounter that might include kissing. However, you really cannot tell what your client is going to think. Make sure to pick up a scent that is clean and fresh instead of neutral and feminine ones. Additionally you can use scented body washes or feminine washes, clean-rinsing hair products, unscented deodorant and matching lotions.

Some clients may not appreciate if your scent will wear off towards him. He may be a married man and he wants the encounter to be kept as a secret as possible. Generally, a client would just want an escort who smells clean and fresh. Keep it simple and sweet.

How about your nails?

Remember this: chipped nails can make you look trashy, fake nails are often tagged to strippers and prostitutes, and long nails will just leave scratches and marks on your client. Always keep in mind that you have to maintain nails that are trimmed, clean and classic. Present yourself as neutral as possible, as well as keep colors on it with neutrality.

Here is a checklist you may want to take into consideration:

* Is your hair clean, well-cut and styled simply?

* Are your clothes flattering enough, clean as well as shows your femininity?

* Are your nails trimmed or are they looking crisp?

* Does your body smelled lightly scented or just soft?

* Are the jewelries you used secured or understated?

* Are you the kind of escort that is ready for fun, feminine, pulled together or the classic and casual one?